01/09/2011: An Awesome Letter from David, a JUMP! Reader

. David’s Letter Below is EXACTLY Why I Wrote JUMP! (BTW — I said yes to David’s request to participate with him… I’m working on formalizing my coaching business, and I’m hoping David will be interested in helping me with some things I’m thinking about too!) . . Bob, Happy New Year Bob. I trust […]


Live Unstuck: Worry Warts — RELAX!

Worry Warts — RELAX! (A Robert S. Tipton “Live Unstuck Coaching Moment) Today’s “Live Unstuck Coaching Moment” focuses on the challenges associated with fretting, worrying, and generally “suffering in advance” about things… Using the technique of “welcoming meditation” can help even the biggest “Worry Wart” to relax. 01-05-2010, © 2011, Robert S. Tipton


12/3/2010: JUMP!-ing into the 2010 National League of Cities Conference Bookstore

What a Surprise! A Friend Sent Along the Photo Below . This entire JUMP! Journey continue to be full of amazing twists and turns — most of them great! Such was the case yesterday when I received this photo from my friend Keith Reester, the Public Works director for the City of Loveland, Colorado (where […]


11/3/2010: First Ever JUMP!-inar™ – Getting Unstuck for Job Seekers

Next JUMP!-inar? JUMP-inar archive? CLICK HERE We conducted our first ever JUMP!-inar this evening, November 3, 2010, at 5PM MDT, 7PM EDT, and it focused on using the JUMP! Innovative Change Model™ to assist folks in their job searches. While we were as well-prepared as we could be, “Mr. Murphy” did make an appearance, and […]


Live Radio Interview, 11/4/2010, KRWM 106.9, Seattle, and Finding You in the Goo Radio

On Thursday, November 4th, Robert Tipton author of the transformational book JUMP! – Get Unstuck, will be on “The Finding You In The Goo Radio Show” from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. (PST) / 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. (EST). JUMP! – Get Unstuck, brings a fresh voice to the complex and difficult process of […]


10/30/2010: Found JUMP! on the Shelves in California!

I had the privilege today to facilitate a JUMP! session for the SoTEC conference at the Long Beach Hilton Hotel. What a great group of speakers at this event — really headlined by Peter Coffee, the director of platform research for SalesForce.com. He gave a visionary presentation of what life is, and will be like […]

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10/8/2010: JUMP!-ing on to the Nook (B&N)

Joining the other eBook formats for JUMP! (Kindle, iPad / iPhone, etc.), we’ve just recently launched JUMP! on the Nook through Barnes and Noble. Check it out! .


10/7/2010: A Shameless Plug

Reader Joe Miller recently changed his Facebook Profile picture to the photo shown below. He’s a good friend, and I really appreciate his “shameless” plug within his Facebook network. Thanks Joe!


9/25/2010: JUMP! and Innovation in Higher Education

One Man’s Quest to Change How Higher Education Operates It find it interesting and really gratifying to discover where JUMP! is being mentioned (thanks to Google — through their Analytics and Alerts services)… The post below came from a website devoted to bringing innovation to higher education. The blog’s author, Omar Habayeb, is Director of […]


9/23/2010: JUMP!-ing into Borders and Barnes and Noble

This Book Distributor Thing is WORKING! Just thought I’d poke around a little today, and see if we’re making headway with our distributor and their efforts to get JUMP! into the traditional book trade. Guess what? Both Barnes and Noble.com and Borders.com have JUMP! available for pre-order (the publication date is November 2010 to ensure […]