How Have You Benefitted From a JUMP! — Personally? Professionally?

JUMP! Workshop for All Who Are Unemployed, Under-Employed or Unhappily-Employed

The following feedback comes from attendees at a 5-week JUMP! – Get Unstuck employment workshop (CLICK HERE for more info) conducted during July and August 2010.

“This is just what I needed and when I needed it. I learned to expand my boundaries / past, preconceived notions fo what I can do / should do / would do. Instead, I am looking at what’s possible. Regardless of what I accept in meeting survival needs, I am searching and planning for and working toward what is now OPTIMAL – that’s a big attitude change.”

“Outstanding — I’ve struggled with many of these concepts for years – with the latest in Feb for the inventory of skills at another workshop – Inspirational – transformational – it works!! It’s liberating!!”

“Great eye-opener and confirmation of my personal career “re-direction”. The whole program supported the entire process which I had been going through even prior to this series.”

“The benefits of this workshop was motivation to keep moving forward and to introduce new ideas to my employment search. The direct input from other people in my same situation. Also being in an environment to think and learn about myself.”

“Assisted me in narrowing down what I wanted to do “when I grew up”, Helped me meet others in the same position I’m in.”

“Networking has always been a challenge, but I met some great people in this group. Bob is a great facilitator. The info was very helpful. I purchased the book to continue my search for solutions.”

“Should be part of college curriculum.”

“The program was excellent. Bob did a great job. I am finding the process and concepts very helpful.
Upbeat nature of the workshop helped me get out of “down slump” and begin to think about other avenues rather than return to the only career I’ve had for 24+ years. Met great people with interaction.”

“JUMP! has really given me the impetus to create momentum for myself, and lo and behold, I’m finding sources of energy I didn’t know existed before this workshop. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

“This has been life and perspective changing. I am feeling more in control by being more creative – my natural state as a creative writer. Open possibilities is what it’s all about!”

“The best part of this is challenging who I am. This helped me remember who I am. The benefit is to separate who I am from what I love to do. Now I have to merge the two discoveries.”

“I’ve been thinking in circles – running into the same blocks. Armed with new ways to shape my thoughts I’ve had new insights. I’m anxious to try a new path.”

“Recharged my commitment to myself and not simply finding any job for an income. Re-finding my worth and enthusiasm for a new job and not feeling like it’s me in this economy. Taking control of my reactions to rejection as know my worth. Challenges – homework and understanding some concepts to put into reality. Benefits – increased my positivity after being unemployed for 14 months. :-)”

“I like the different thought processes this workshop introduced me to. The exercises kept me engaged. I like the variety of team and one-on-one exercises. Bob – you have great energy and you are inspiring and thought provoking.”

“An excellent experience, with great outside the box tactics to overcome the emotional obstacles to reaching your potential. You did a wonderful job of directing the steps necessary to get unstuck! I found some innovative tools for change.”

“I have a clearer focus on the job that will fulfill many of my needs. Immediately going forward, I will apply for needed training and follow-up with informational interviews. Position I have selected is volunteer, so I also need to figure out some way to bring in money in the short-term.”

” – Looking outside the box, – Looking at things you take for granted, – Inspirational videos, – Composing a list has made me realize that I am more valuable than I gave myself credit for, – I can do much more than I thought also, – Findout out who I am.”

“I’ve met some great people. Found a way to re-focus my job search. Have been migrating towards “positive energy” – made me realize part of my problem was the negative synergy I’ve surrounded myself with. Work-left-to-do: I still don’t have a job, so I need to make the positive energy work … positively. THANK YOU – some GREAT new ways to see the things that have always been in my life.”

“Made great connections and got new ways of looking at / dealing with the same old stuff that seemed like unmovable stumbling blocks.”

“Opened my eyes to possibilities. Created a hope for my future.”

“I was looking for a positive and encouraging method toward career change or advancement. I’ve been doing the same job for many years and I think it’s time for a change. The strategies proposed by JUMP! helped me think about other possible opportunities and ideas. We’ll see how it works out long-term.”

“What a blessing this has been – I am so grateful for all that I’ve heard, learned, shared. Thank you.”

“I’m re-thinking options I had ruled out as viable.”

“This workshop has been a fantastic self-awareness process for me. It has enabled me to understand what I am capable of and what I want to do rather than doing what I have always done just because I’ve always done it.”

“1) Opened my mind that I have transferrable skills. 2) Opened my thought process to continue to research things I like to do as well as an income. 3) This has given me hope and rejuvenation and confidence that I don’t have to be stuck — I’m ready to JUMP! with enthusiasm, new skills, tools and confidence. 4) Helped me awaken to a whole new world I’ve closed off. That of opportunities and newness in job options. Helped me realize how much I need to change to move forward.”

“I felt that the workshop helped me take a realistic look at my options and to determine which ones are feasible to examine further. I have found new avenues to explore for future employment options. I found the workshop and the exercises as a great way to jump start working on new options.”

“Helped with my focus and open thinking.”

“Group team experiene has been excellent.”


“1) Allowed me to rethink what I want out of a job, 2) great opportunity to meet new people and get their ideas and insights; 3) Bob did a great job of presenting and adding value for me to different scenarios; 4) Gave me tools in addition to the ones I already have researched. I have the book as a constant reference if I get off track; 5) conversations were very stimulating; 6) workshop showed there are millions of options; 7) Barriers can be overcome and reassessed; 8) Commitment is the key to success”

“A structured way to discover what you want to be when you grow up!”

“Positive feedback, get unstuck – just do it, make you realize your capabilities, giving good positive energy, get rid of negative ideas”

“This has given me the energy and focus to actually get out and “do” something!”

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