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I have incorporated quantum principles, ancient philosophy, spiritual practices, and sound leadership into the four stages of innovative change I share in JUMP!. I knew from the start that I’d need two pieces of the book to satisfy both sides of my own personality. Part of me wanted to understand JUMP! at an emotional level, and I found I needed a story to help me with that. Then the “Mr. Spock” side of me needed to see JUMP! described as a process. Therefore, there are two parts in JUMP!: a fable and a model.

  • The fable is just that—a fictional account using fictional characters designed to tell a story that has a point of view. Some books of this kind use case studies, but I decided to use a fictional story because my clients tend to get miffed if I share the details of their specific situations! So, I created a fictional situation based upon work I do as a change coach.

  • The model is a process-oriented depiction of the JUMP! model I use in my consulting practice. Those of you who like process maps and flowcharts will love it!

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To Do List:

1. Get Unstuck

2. Move Ahead

3. Stay Ahead

The pace and degree of change in the world shows no sign of slowing. As a result, your “targets” (survival, success, significance— whatever you’re looking for) are moving faster, higher, and farther out of reach.

To get ahead, and stay ahead, it’s time to foster and develop a new relationship with the status quo, the “deadly condition” that unfortunately continues to provide you with the same, old results. JUMP!, and its four stages of innovative change, will arm you with new insights, new approaches, and better tools to help you rapidly create more satisfaction, more joy, and more success in your life and in your organization.

JUMP!’s leadership fable, a tale of discovery and human triumph, is a compelling, inspiring story steeped in real-life wisdom. The JUMP! Innovative Change Model is a high-level yet comprehensive depiction of the tools and approaches used “behind the scenes” in the story.

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The “Status Quo Bias” . . . is a deadly condition.

Do YOU have it?

You might. After all, organizations and individuals are showing the Status Quo Bias in epidemic proportions these days. But, don’t fret—it’s curable, and Bob Tipton’s JUMP! Innovative Change Model is the answer. It will help you blast through your fear and uncertainty and will give you the tools and courage to recapture your passion, renew your purpose, and deliver quantum leaps in your results. Grab this book and JUMP! to it!

Your Symptoms: You’re Stuck.

  • You have: Eroding financial results; less personal joy and / or satisfaction
  • You sense: Rising frustration; increased fear; more blame-finding and panic
  • You are: Unable to create positive, sustainable, forward progress
  • You seem: Overwhelmed by insurmountable challenges

Your Answer: JUMP!’s Four Stages of Innovative Change

  • Get Ready: Define the “right” problems; separate beliefs from facts
  • Incubate: Allow infinite possibilities; mitigate ego-based influences
  • Aha!: Encourage unexpected connections; allow what “wants” to happen
  • Make It Real: Courageously create your new “now”

Your Outcomes: More Joy. More Satisfaction, More Success. Now.

  • You create: Major breakthroughs in solution-finding
  • You build: Renewed purpose and meaning
  • You feel: Recaptured passion and conviction
  • You move: Farther, faster with greater courage than you thought possible

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