JUMP! – Get Unstuck

Extraordinary Life Breakthroughs Using Innovative Change

Robert Tipton is an expert in innovative change management solutions, and has developed the JUMP! Innovative Change Model™ over the past several years while helping individuals, teams and entire organizations get unstuck, get moving, and create sustainable change.

JUMP! brings together the principles of quantum physics, ancient philosophy, spiritual practices and sound leadership in a two-part book. Part good-old story telling (the fable), and part consulting tools (the model), JUMP! is chocked full of innovative, practical tools and advice on how to successfully manage your life, career, and organizational change.

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Listen to Chapters 1-5 of JUMP!’s Leadership Fable


• Overview (Basis)

• Reader’s Guide

• Introduction

• Leadership Fable (Synopsis)

• Process Model (Overview)

• Character Summaries

• Virtual Bibliography


The leadership fable in JUMP! is a composite of many of JUMP!-related projects and clients—designed to show the model “in action.” Real clients get testy about sharing the details of their situations, so the fable is a made-up story, but one steeped in real-life wisdom. The process model in JUMP! is a high-level, yet comprehensive depiction of the actual consulting practices and tools used in the JUMP! Innovative Change Model™.

The fable? Right-brainers love it.

The process model? Left-brain heaven.

Together? A powerful combination.

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