Get Unstuck in Your Job Search

You Might Be Stuck in Your Job Search If:

  • You find yourself thinking in circles, hoping everything would just return to the “good old days…”
  • You have rising frustration, increased fear, and are regularly blaming “outside” forces like the economy
  • You are unable to create positive, sustainable, forward progress — two steps forward, three back…
  • You seem overwhelmed by insurmountable challenges and may be starting to panic


11-16-2010, JUMP!-inar™, Get Unstuck for Job Seekers, © 2010, Robert S. Tipton from Robert S. Tipton

The “Get Unstuck for Job Seekers” webinar replay leverages the four stages of the JUMP! innovative Change Model™ in helping you to make sense out of your job search options, Get Unstuck, and move forward, farther, faster in your job search than you’d thought possible.

I Got Unstuck, Robert S. Tipton, JUMP! - Get Unstuck, © 2010

JUMP!-inar Feedback:

“This is just what I needed and when I needed it. I learned to expand my boundaries / past, preconceived notions for what I can do / should do / would do. Instead, I am looking at what’s possible. Regardless of what I accept in meeting survival needs, I am searching and planning for and working toward what is now OPTIMAL – that’s a big attitude change.”

“Outstanding — I’ve struggled with many of these concepts for years. Inspirational – transformational – it works!! It’s liberating!!”


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