Are you Unemployed, Under-Employed, or Unhappily-Employed?
. . . Or Do You Lead a Support Group for Those Who Are?

Yes? Then — this is for you.

Robert S. Tipton brings his wildly successful “Career CPR: Getting Unstuck in Your Job Search (JUMP!)” workshop series to a video audience.
We are excited to announce the availability of this new no-cost video workshop series that’s focused on “Getting Unstuck” in your job search.

As each episode of the video workshop is available (about twice a month from April through June of 2011), we’ll post it here — along with the accompanying worksheets.

In the meantime, here’s a video from Robert S. Tipton to introduce you to the workshop:

Watch Episode One

We’ve lead this workshop in person — and have had remarkable results. About 25-30% of attendees found work AS THEY ATTENDED the workshop (they didn’t even need to complete it), and nearly all of those remaining found new sources of energy, excitement, optimism, hope, and possibilities for their job search.

Attendee feedback:

It forced me to consider other career options and to take a “leap of faith” into a new career. I start work Monday. Dave B.

The real benefit for me is this expanded my view of possibilities. I am now motivated to consider more risk to realize my goals. Eva P.

Motivated me to seriously look at the difficulties I’m experiencing and how to overcome. Barbara N.

We hope you join us — and that you tell your friends, family, etc. — really anyone who is unemployed, under-employed, or unhappily-employed! Thank you.

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