4/5/2010: And Now… We Wait… And — new learning begins.

For those of you who have been following this JUMP!-related saga over the past several months (thank you for that!), you know how steep the learning curve has been at times — and how joyful the experience has been as well. Frankly, I’m ready for the learning curve to flatten a bit — or at […]


4/1/2010: Final JUMP! PDFs Uploaded Today… “Real” Books in a Few Weeks!

It’s been quite a journey over the course of the past 16 or 17 months, but “real” books will be here in just a few more weeks. That’s exciting! But to me, the most exciting thing of all has been the chance for me to benefit from the wisdom, the experience, and the compassion of […]


A Real Life JUMP! Story: Sharing a Hotel Room

From an Early Reader: “I was in Denver for your big Spring snow (on March 23, 2010). I actually was stranded overnight. While waiting in the long line at United to rebook for a Wednesday morning flight, I was thinking about the story in JUMP! and also how lucky I had been to find a […]

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3/24/2010: JUMP! Brings Positive Energy To Washington DC

Once again, Connie Ward shares a travel photo of JUMP! During her around-the-world blitz, she took a photo of JUMP! in front of the Washington Monument in Washington DC. Hopefully the positive message and powerful energy contained in the book will rub off on our nation’s lawmakers. Things in DC are, well, a little tense […]


3/21/2010: eBooks — What Are Your Thoughts?

So… The printed version of JUMP! is getting close to being ready for final production, and it’s time to devote time to the eBook version(s). But, before we do that, we’re curious as to which of the various eReaders you are currently using, or anticipate using in the future. Here’s a poll — we’d VERY […]


JUMP! Galley Feedback CLOSING on 3/26/2010

Good morning from SNOWY Denver… Just a quick note — in order to meet the deadline of having “books in hand” (here in Denver) by 4/15, I’ll need to have a final draft to the printer by 3/30. So — I know many of you have already shared with me your feedback related to JUMP! […]

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3/17/2010: JUMP! Heads to Singapore

Early reviewer Connie Ward took JUMP! with her on an around-the-world trip. Now, in a “Flat Stanley” moment, she sends photos of her and the book in front of Singapore’s most famous bridge.


3/8/2010: Harvard Bookstore Said Yes to JUMP!

If you could pick ANY bookstore in the country to be the first one to accept galley copies of your book for review purposes, which would it be? Some might say The Tattered Cover here in Denver (they’re on the list, but they weren’t first). Others might say the Bohdi Tree in LA, or Half […]


2/27/2010: More Reader Feedback, and An Order for 50 Books!

WOW! Grrrrrrreat book, Bob. You have outdone yourself. This is just what I’ve been looking for! Thank you, for letting me preview it. I live in the major messed up state of New Jersey, and dove into the .gov sector after retiring my nerd hat. If you think overcoming “confort zones” in tough in corporate […]


2/26/2010: Galley Feedback Pouring In!

I’m humbled by the number of you that have read JUMP!, and by those who are sending along comments about how much you’ve enjoyed reading it, and how you are seeing immediate benefits. Oh, and those of you who are “reading closely” and finding the typos that are still remaining (there are a couple so […]