JUMP! at DI Global Finals 2010

JUMP! is officially on sale at the DI Global Finals bookstore in Knoxville, TN this week. How cool is that?

Here’s an Excerpt from JUMP! Related to Destination ImagiNation

I used Jack Miller and his son, Jason, to introduce Destination ImagiNation (DI) to you as part of the Falcon Foundation story. I’ve been involved in one way or another with DI (and other creative solution-finding programs) since 1985. As Jack’s character said, DI is the best after-school program. Period. Why?

Combine the public pressure being placed on academic performance in today’s education (yes, we need to know the basics; I’m not arguing that), along with the tighter and tighter restrictions on budgets today, and often the more esoteric skills like leadership, communication, planning, and innovation tend to be put at a lower priority. I’m not criticizing public education—far from it. It’s just that school districts have to make choices, and sometimes these choices leave gaps.

We’re preparing our kids for a future where they’ll be doing jobs we’ve never heard of, using technologies that haven’t yet been invented, and in a world where borders are being erased and competition is increasing. Augmenting their “classic” education involving reading, writing, arithmetic, science, etc., DI prepares kids to see the world’s challenges as a series of steps to understand, solve, and move through. They’re undaunted. They’re confident. They’re successful in life.

There are some 1.3 million DI alumni worldwide, and about 35,000 volunteers support DI’s activities annually. Here’s more information from DI’s international organization website:

Building Tomorrow’s Leaders: One Challenge at a Time

Destination ImagiNation, Inc. is an extraordinary non-profit organization that provides educational programs for students to learn and experience creativity, teamwork and problem solving. Every year, we reach 100,000 students across the U.S. and in more than 30 countries. Destination ImagiNation, our core program, is an exhilarating after-school activity in which students work in teams to solve mind-bending Challenges and present their solutions at Tournaments. Teams are tested to think on their feet, work together, and devise original solutions that satisfy the requirements of the Challenges. Participants gain more than just basic knowledge and skills—they learn to unleash their imaginations and take unique approaches to problem solving. (Source: Destination ImagiNation)

I’m donating a portion of the profits from JUMP! to DI at three levels: the South Metro region in Colorado (a geographic area representing the southern suburbs of Denver in which I live, and other rural parts of south- central Colorado), Colorado Extreme Creativity (the overall DI organization in the state of Colorado), and the international Destination ImagiNation organization as well. I’m doing this so that more kids, both here in the US and in the developed and developing world, have the chance to participate in DI. I believe it’s one of the best ways to help our kids become prepared for the complex challenges they’ll encounter later in life. Like, next week.

For more information about DI, please check out their website. Better still, become involved. It’s a great way to touch the future.

South Metro DI: SMetro.ExtremeCreativity.org
Colorado DI: www.ExtremeCreativity.org
International DI: www.IdoDI.org

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