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DENVER, May 20 /PRNewswire/ — The U.S. economy appears to be improving. However, the financial health of the majority of non-profits, governmental agencies, and educational institutions is just now reaching critical condition – forcing leaders to make unprecedented austerity-related decisions.

While these “survival-first” approaches are required for short-term viability, the status quo bias embodied by most leaders during crisis situations tends to squeeze out innovation at an alarming rate. Ironically, without focusing on innovative change, the strategy to simply survive for the short-term more often than not puts the long-term sustainability of the organization very much at risk. Without new approaches, many non-profits will fail, governmental agencies will crumble, and educational institutions will be forever scarred.

In Robert S. Tipton’s new book, JUMP! – Get Unstuck, Extraordinary Life Breakthroughs Through Innovative Change (5/17/10, Alden-Swain Press, ISBN 9780982590003, $24.95 hardcover, $12.99 eBook), he shares the power of science, philosophy, spiritual practices, and sound leadership models to arm leaders with new insights, new approaches, and better tools to accelerate their ability to not only survive today’s financial crisis, but to thrive well into the future.

One of JUMP!’s earliest premises is that movement, any movement, is necessary to get the energy of the organization moving. However, the more challenging the economic situation, the more “stuck” an organization tends to be. Borrowing a quote from Newton’s first law of motion (an object at rest tends to stay at rest), the organization finds itself mired in its status quo quagmire, and doesn’t want to move. However, as Tipton asserts, “The greatest failure related to change is NOT choosing the wrong path forward, it’s choosing NO path forward.”

Based upon Tipton’s JUMP! Innovative Change Model(TM), a toolset he has perfected over the past two decades in designing and facilitating transformational change for a wide variety of non-profits, governmental agencies, and educational institutions, JUMP! focuses on preparing leaders to discover and implement radical, quantum-leap breakthroughs in vision development, strategic planning, and organizational execution.

Outcomes include: compelling vision, unity in leadership, consistency in management, and intrinsic individual, group, and organizational motivation – the shift from begrudging compliance toward personal commitment. Tipton’s proven methods have provided non-profits, governmental agencies, and educational institutions with direct cost savings in the tens of millions, and the abilities to recapture and grow membership participation, foster collaborative relationships in private / public partnerships, and improve revenue production. As Tipton states it, “JUMP! isn’t about ‘causing the result.’ It’s about ensuring that the right elements in the environment – attitude, energy, focus, etc. – are present so that the outcome is ensured.”

JUMP! is available today at (hardcover and Kindle editions), and direct from the publisher at It will be available in eBook format at Google Books and Apple iBookstore, and hardcover at bookstores in early June.

About Robert S. Tipton

Robert S. Tipton is an author, consultant, and speaker who specializes in designing and facilitating innovative change. He has developed and uses the JUMP! Innovative Change Model(TM) (the basis for JUMP!) to assist his clients (many Fortune-class organizations, start-up companies, non-profits, governmental agencies, and educational institutions) to move out of their status quo quagmires and deliver substantial and sustainable improvements. For more about the author, visit

He is passionate about creativity and innovation, and is donating a significant portion of the proceeds from JUMP! to Destination ImagiNation,, a non-profit organization devoted to empowering children with creative problem solving and innovation-based tools and experiences.

Contacts: Alden-Swain Press 720-279-7100

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