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Just a quick announcement post to let everyone know that JUMP! is really, officially, really ON SALE, and it’s hoppin’ around here! Early sales have been strong — thank you to those who have ordered already! The Tipton family college fund really appreciates it (two more to go!).

Also, until 6/1/2010, we’re offering a 10% discount through the Our JUMP! Store (see more details below). Be sure to enter offthepad into the promotion code when ordering. Certainly, if you’re interested in buying in bulk, we offer quantity discounts too — CLICK HERE for more information.

So… Tell your friends, neighbors, family members, seat mates on your next trip, etc. — JUMP! is ready to leave the lily pad, and make it to your “pad”. (Sorry for the 70s humor — my kids are ALL groaning right now.)

Anyway — here are the particulars on where to order:

Our JUMP! Store (hardcover and ePUB format — this is our preferred channel, as the Tipton family college fund gets the most $$ this way).

Amazon.com (hardcover and Kindle editions)

Coming soon to: ShopDI (Destination ImagiNation Store), Penton’s Left Brain Bookstore, MC Press Books, Google Books and the Apple iBookstore. (We’ll be sure to let you know when these happen).

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Finally, for those of you who are motivated to do so, we could really use some more comments at Amazon.com, some tweets, Facebook posts, blog entries — anything really to help promote JUMP!. If you haven’t yet, please visit the JUMP! Facebook fan page — and sign up to be a fan.

THANK YOU to everyone!

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