JUMP! on an iPad

Okay, so having JUMP! “actually” on an iPad through Apple’s iBookstore is about two weeks away (don’t get me started on all the technical and legal hurdles of making this happen — I’ll need a box of tissues to help me get through it!), but due to some spontaneous shenanigans on behalf of our 14 year old daughter Grace, you are looking at JUMP! on an iPad. Well — sort of…

A couple of nights ago, Debi received an email that her long-desired 64GB, 3G+WiFi iPad was waiting for her at our local Apple Store. As it was approaching closing time for the store when the email showed up, Grace, Debi and I hustled out the door to the store. Now, while Debi was completely the transaction to buy her iPad, Grace was scheming.

The store was virtually empty, and Grace has — well, an active mind and a bit of a devious streak. We caught up with her after a few minutes, only to discover that she’d set up Safari (the browser on an iPad) to point to the “Our JUMP!” home page. There must have 15 iPads — all with the same image on them. What a scream! We laughed long and hard.

Viral marketing takes on a whole new perspective. Thank you Grace! You’re doing an excellent job promoting my book. <3 you Grace...

JUMP! on ALL the iPads (not literally...)

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