For those of you who have been following this JUMP!-related saga over the past several months (thank you for that!), you know how steep the learning curve has been at times — and how joyful the experience has been as well. Frankly, I’m ready for the learning curve to flatten a bit — or at least for a new curve to begin…

But — as I say in JUMP!, “Be CLEAR about what you’re asking for, because that’s what you’re likely to get…” And, that’s happening. Two things to report.

First — we passed a HUGE milestone today as the printer has officially accepted and scheduled the production of “real” books (hardcover). Consequently, all of my fretting and futzing with the the content, graphics, legal permissions, etc. is now behind us. The next step will be to receive PALLETS of books for distribution. It’ll be longer than we’d originally thought — sometime toward the end of April, not the middle. Alas – it was important to get official permission from Pixar. We’d hate to have to throw out thousands of books because an animation company attorney got steamed.

Second — the “new” learning curves are beginning. I’m starting to get serious about the ePUB version of JUMP! — and hope to have that available on the Kindle, the iPad, the Sony Reader and the Nook (as well as all the smartphone and computer-based variants) sometime in the next couple of weeks. However, there’s a GIGANTIC difference between the printed version of a book and an electronic book. The “words” are about the only similarity. The layout is totally different, and I’m going to see what’s possible to do with the graphics in the model section. I’m guessing the learning curve will be steep once again.

Anyway — keep that positive energy flowing! Thank you for all of your encouragement and support. JUMP! is becoming REAL!

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