Big announcement! JUMP! is officially on sale as an Amazon Kindle eBook. Click on the picture, and you’ll be taken directly there! Now, at some point, I’m going to need a LARGE dose of therapy related to this announcement — but instead of that, I’m going to write an article about it all. What a DIFFICULT process to navigate the first time — hopefully it will be far easier the next time.

Also — more updates… The “real” books are scheduled to be finished tonight (4/30) at the printer, with shipping to Denver scheduled for Monday. We’ll be getting the hardcover books into the supply chain next week — so for those who have pre-ordered (THANK YOU!), you’ll be getting your book as soon as all the different freight and shipping companies get their work done.

More things to look for: an announcement related to the Alden-Swain eCommerce site (my publisher — who will be selling the book directly) as well as availability of JUMP! on the Apple iBookstore, Google Books, the Sony Bookstore as well as Barnes and Noble. One step at a time — but we’re clearly making progress.

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