JUMP! Brings Positive Energy to the Vatican

Recently my friend Nahid Sewell (look for Nahid’s new novel, The Ruby Tear Catcher, soon… It’s a beautiful book!) took a trip through Europe, and she brought a galley of JUMP! with her. She surprised me with pictures (more posted in the days to come). Thank you Nahid!

Also — a quick update… Production of the first printing of JUMP! is in full swing, and “real” books should be available in two weeks or less. In the meantime, I’m fully absorbed in the learning curve associated with creating eBook versions. You’d think it would be simple — just a button to push that says “CONVERT” and the work is done. Not so. Think websites in 1995, and you have a fair approximation of the current standard related to eBook publishing. Ugly, ugly, ugly. But, I’m making my through it!

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