WOW! Grrrrrrreat book, Bob. You have outdone yourself. This is just what I’ve been looking for! Thank you, for letting me preview it.

I live in the major messed up state of New Jersey, and dove into the .gov sector after retiring my nerd hat. If you think overcoming “confort zones” in tough in corporate land, just try politics. Makes corporate challanges look like Romper-Room.

Please put my order in for about 50 copies. I remember getting “Attila the Hun on the Art of Deligation” for all the COMMON BOD members to assist in their enlightenment. Your book, I intend to send to my new Governor and the members of the State Legislature.

If they read it, and embrace what you are teaching, then maybe my sinking Titanic of a state might just stay afloat. If ever there was a need for positive energy and innovative change my poor state tops the list.

Looking forward to your publication date. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn leadership, or even just likes a good story, as the fable stands alone as a great tale in itself.

Nora Craig

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