I’m humbled by the number of you that have read JUMP!, and by those who are sending along comments about how much you’ve enjoyed reading it, and how you are seeing immediate benefits. Oh, and those of you who are “reading closely” and finding the typos that are still remaining (there are a couple so far — one wrong word, one extra word).

A few excerpts from early readers:

“I’m lovin’ the cover, typeface, and overall feel. It looks great, Bob. Very easy on the eyes. And the hardcover will be even better.”

“I really enjoyed the right brain/left brain way the book is set up. I loved the business fable – couldn’t put it down.”

“Overall, I really enjoyed the book. I liked how you would tell the reader they could choose to skip ahead or go in a linear fashion. You definitely accounted for different learning styles and therefore, your concepts are available to more than one type of reader.”

“I hope it’s a SMASH hit in the book world.”

“It is fantastic to have a business book come from the non-profit point of view. Most books only talk from a profit point of view and non-profit leaders are left to adapt the book to their needs. The example you used can be applied to both worlds equally!”

“Your book really affected me personally. JUMP! made me think and get excited again and helped me start getting ready to get unstuck!”

“Technically speaking, the book is a desktop reference that many, many people should have. I remember having a couple of this type on my desk back in the day… the difference is that YOUR book will find a home on many different types of desks rather than just on those of garden-variety corporate managers…”

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