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We conducted our first ever JUMP!-inar this evening, November 3, 2010, at 5PM MDT, 7PM EDT, and it focused on using the JUMP! Innovative Change Model™ to assist folks in their job searches. While we were as well-prepared as we could be, “Mr. Murphy” did make an appearance, and we didn’t have the kind of audio quality we wanted. As such, we weren’t able to get a good sound recording.

But, even with that, we had some great feedback… Here’s a comment from one attendee:

Just want to start by saying that I enjoyed the webinar.

  • I was surprised at how much this presentation related to my life, on so many different topics. None of which, however, related whatsoever to job searching, career changes, etc.
  • The presentation was energy driven, exciting, easy to follow, and paced well!
  • I liked specifically, the section about being “Open to new possibilities” as this relates to me and my (job) training. Everyday, we work the same situations, etc., give or take a few minutes. But, as the webinar highlights….all possibilities are available to me at once. WHY then do we choose the same option?
  • The same solution to a (job) problem is seldomly the BEST option. Unfortunately, we trainees tend to go for the status quo and choose the same old option that turns out being not so good. Our instructors are always pushing this theory.
  • Also, “moving forward!” Getting ahead of the scenario at hand and staying ahead! I was also able to relate this webinar to financial topics, life, friendships, etc and staying “Unstuck”.

Overall, a great presentation and I’m glad I got to be a part of it! Thanks again!

Chase J.

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