JUMP! - Get Unstuck, Kindle Edition

100 Free Kindle Copies of JUMP!

10 copies each day, for 10 days: 12/20 – 12/30/2011

Yes, that’s right.

We gave away 100 free Kindle copies of JUMP!

After thinking, “what can we do to help?” related to the ongoing job-related challenges many individuals are facing, we decided, “well, why not share the inspiring message in JUMP! with 100 folks who are struggling to create positive, forward momentum in their job searches!”

And — as we move into January 2012, we have lowered the Kindle price for JUMP! from $9.99 to $5.99. As good friend and fellow author Dan Clemens said in a Linked IN post, “Make JUMP! your new year’s resolution!” My sentiments exactly! ORDER HERE

Wishing everyone a both a joy-filled and prosperous 2012!

Some feedback from those using JUMP! to help with their job search process:

“Outstanding — I’ve struggled with many of these concepts for years. Inspirational – transformational – it works!! It’s liberating!!”

“This is just what I needed and when I needed it. I learned to expand my boundaries / past, preconceived notions for what I can do / should do / would do. Instead, I am looking at what’s possible. Regardless of what I accept in meeting survival needs, I am searching and planning for and working toward what is now OPTIMAL – that’s a big attitude change.”

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