JUMP! Precispice, © 2010, Robert S. Tipton

Artwork: AC Canales


David’s Letter Below is EXACTLY Why I Wrote JUMP!

(BTW — I said yes to David’s request to participate with him… I’m working on formalizing my coaching business, and I’m hoping David will be interested in helping me with some things I’m thinking about too!)


Happy New Year Bob. I trust all is well with the Tipton clan. 2011 is going to be an amazing year don’t you think?. I am traveling today from Denver to Frankfurt then on to Marseille. I am taking some time during this trip to ponder a few of my personal and professional goals as I do this time every year. During this time I also find myself visiting the highlights of the previous year. One of the big highlights for me in 2010 was reading JUMP, twice!

More and more I find myself using the JUMP paradigm in my personal and professional life to face “Stuck” situations. I want to thank you for including me in your pre-publication team last March. It has made a big impact on my life.

One of my AHA moments came yesterday on the plane trip. As a rare treat I sat in a first class upgrade seat on United 932 from Dulles to Frankfurt. The United Airlines staff is made sure all was just right for my trip. I am really not used to first class service. The comfort gave me a rare chance on an international plane trip to focus on my personal work. I usually occupy this time with urgent “billable” client deliverables. Yesterday though, it was my turn!

During my thinking I found myself in an AHA moment. I realized that every year I set goals & objectives for myself. But this year I have a new frame of reference. Thanks to you that new frame is JUMP. I am very fortunate to have the Jump model as a part of my thinking.

I realized today that I have always planned for myself in somewhat of a vacuum. Perhaps this is a plague of an independent consultant or just my personal comfort routine, but today’s thinking brought me to a “Franklin” moment. Until now I have been the early Franklin in my thinking. I viewed that involving others would be a sign of failure or weakness.

When Franklin and Jo opened to new opportunity and ideas the paths forward became almost limitless. So, why shouldn’t I include others ideas and thinking into my quest for 2011? “AHA” not so novel an idea in the Jump model!

Bob, I would like to invite you to consider assisting me in some thinking regarding my 2011 quests. If you are available to put on your JUMP hat on my behalf, I would like to share with you two of my current big issues/goals that need more than just my thinking. These issues are just too important to leave to my usual “planning alone” model. One personal and one business. But the two are very much related.

Let me know if you have any interest in joining my thinking process. I value your opinions and am anxious to take a JUMP forward.

Best regards,

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